Pricing: (messages less than 30 seconds long - to answering machines and live answered calls)
  • <50K dials = 3.5 ¢ Per Dial
  • 50K-100K dials = 1.9 ¢ Per Dial
  • 500K dials = 1.3 ¢ Per Dial
  • 1M dials = 1 Penny. ¢  Per Dial
Recordings 31-45 seconds long- add 25% to base rate

Recordings 46-60 seconds long - add 50% to base rate
Machine & Live Voice call detection 
Program dialer to reach live answer voters only, answering machines only or both.
Detailed Reporting: 
Reports include stats on all dialed numbers and call results for each dial.
Recording Line:
Call in to our system to record your message or send us a wav or MP3 file with your message.   
Foot Print can also record your message for you if you prefer.
Polling Services:
Run a poll using our dialer for as few as 1 question or as many as you require.  Respondents indicate their response by pushing a key (1-9) on their key pad.  MSL can complete large surveys for a statewide campaign or just a few thousand dials for a local election.
All results are reported in an easy to read format and can be compiled and returned to your campaign the same day.  Pricing depends on the number of voters you wish to contact and the number of questions you wish to ask.  Foot Print provides script consultation and recording services for clients that require assistance.