Location Based Marketing

Location Based Marketing, or LBM, is the best way to interact with your local clients and customers.
With many location based check-in services available, the most popular being Foursquare andGowalla, your business can be promoted to anyone using a mobile device nearby.
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Should you run mobile ads if you already have first page rankings? Lots of advertisers have wondered this question. The answer is yes. Just a reminder, the switch to enhanced campaigns is happening in 7 days from now.
With enhanced campaigns, you can reach mobile users by targeting locations and specific times in the day. Google seeks to show the relationship between mobile ads and mobile search in this new study.  Here is a picture that Google created that illustrates their findings in the study
New Google Study Shows The Relationship Between Mobile Ads and Mobile Search

They analyzed twelve industry verticals and 327 AdWords accounts. What did they find?
88% of users clicking on mobile ads would not have clicked on your organic listings. Why that is, I’m not exactly sure. Maybe it’s because they’ve seen your company twice in the SERP’s, rather than just once like all the other companies. You’re welcome to give me your opinions below.
This study is powerful! It shows that businesses in a variety of industries stand to benefit by also having ads, despite having first page rankings.

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